Memberships & Packages

Full Face Wax

Service consists of hair being removed from your hairline, brows, lip, cheeks, sideburns, chin, nose and neck.

Full Upper Body

Service includes, from the bottom of your neck to your waist. Chest, stomach, arms and back.

Monthly Facial Membership Services

Membership includes 2 Facials per 30 days, the choices are: Deep Cleansing, Dermaplaning, Hydrating, Microdermabrasion. Also Advanced Layered Peel, 1 layer of Brightening, Clear Skin or Maintenance Peel.

Monthly Membership Terms & Conditions:

Tell All Skincare requires each client to keep a valid credit card on file. We provide each client the opportunity to access online booking features where you can also access your personal account and make any necessary changes.

*Membership includes 2 facials within 30 days.

*Initial 6 month membership commitment required. Membership can be cancelled after 6 months with written notice (email is acceptable form)

*Facials will not rollover to the following month if you miss or cancel an appointment. If you would like to gift a facial appointment you are not able to attend, you can gift to a friend of family member, please provide us 24 hours advance notice along with name of the person taking your place.

*The Membership fee will be automatically drafted on the same day of every month as the month you started.
*Your membership status must be active to redeem any membership perks.